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How Do You Ask Someone For Their Birthday?
920 views · Nov 11, 2020
There are some circumstances when you want to know someone’s birthday, and you don’t know how to approach to that person.
If you can’t find anything on Social Media and you don’t want to ask relatives, there’s only one option left: You have to obtain the information directly from your target person. 
There are a few simple tricks to achieve that:
1.	Measure the type of relationship you have
In other words: Consider the level of trust. This is important because it can affect the type of questions, you’ll need to make to obtain the info you are looking for.

2.	Make questions with tricks
You might need to use some psychological tricks to reach your goal. People will feel more confident in your presence if you show your own flaws sometimes. The idea is to tell the story from a funny perspective, just to smooth things out and achieve the other person speaks about their own birthday’s anecdotes – then you ask them about the date you’re interested in.

3.	Wait for the right time
Don’t ask for someone’s’ birthday when you know that your target person is living a hard circumstance, like the death of a relative; neither if they recently had a strong discussion with someone else.

How to ask at work:
One way is to make it a formal context. If the secretary asks you…
“Hey, I need your birthday date because we organize celebrations for each coworker on our own.”
… you probably will tell.

When you just met someone:
First make sure you gained enough trust from the other person, try to keep a simple conversation with them about some trivial and personal things. Or start speaking about your own birthday.
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