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Is it Rude to Order an Appetizer as Your Main Course?
70 views · Nov 11, 2020
Appetizers are things served before the main dish. 
These are usually light delicacies to kickstart your dining experience as the chef works on your main order in the kitchen.
Appetizers allowed chefs to unleash their creativity, so they increasingly are becoming the most exciting part of the menus far from the boring plates of main courses.
Small plates are becoming popular among the new generation of consumers who see restaurants as some kind of game where they have to taste as many amazing dishes as they can.
But if it is rude to order an appetizer as the main dish depends on who you are asking.

Restaurant owners don't care what you do with the food you order as long as the money ends in their pockets. 
The kitchen staff cares about how difficult and time consuming your order is.
Appetizer-only orders are only rude to the kitchen staff if you request every possible add-on, especially during rush hours.

So how to do it right?
-	Try pairing an appetizer with salat or a soup.
-	You can also split up the main dish and use appetizers to fill up.
-	Avoid the rush-hour.
-	Try ordering something that is not too labor-intensive.
-	Tell the host you are just in for appetizer and drinks and you probably get a nice seat or table in the bar area.
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