How To Politely Ask Someone To Keep A Secret?
64 views · Nov 11, 2020
Secrets can hold extraordinary power over people, which means that they must be handled responsibly.
If you decided to tell it anyway, use one of these examples depending on the situation:

1.	If Someone Knows Something About You
Sharing your anxiety with the person who knows about it will help them understand the risks at stake.
For example: “You know that I did [such-and-such]. It would make me feel a lot better if I knew that you were not going to tell anyone else. Would you please promise me that you will keep it a secret?”

2.	Personal Relationships
Here is how you can delicately broach the subject with friends and family members.
“Do you remember [such-and-such] about [so-and-so]? Could you keep that under wraps?”

3.	Professional Relationships
In a professional relationship, you will want to think carefully about the possible consequences first. 
You could say: “You know about [so-and-so], and I would greatly appreciate it if you would keep that between ourselves.”

4.	Groups vs. Individuals
When groups are involved, it is highly unlikely that everyone will be able to keep it to themselves.
Try the following line:
“We all know about [so-and-so/such-and-such], but I think it would be safer if we were the only ones who knew. Could you all please keep this a secret?”
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