How Do You Politely Ask Someone’s Name On The Phone?
5K views · Nov 4, 2020
There are plenty of ways to politely request that the person you speak with on the phone identifies themselves. 
Bluntly asking for a name is usually considered quite rude, so you want to approach it from a position of sharing information rather than demanding it.

Direct Questions
Most situations where you need to know someone’s name over the phone will require only respectfully asking them. 
The more self-assured you sound, the easier it will be to get an answer.
In a business call: “Thank you for calling [insert name of business] may I please have your name?”
In a personal call: “I apologize, could you repeat your name again?”

Implied Questions
Sometimes it is considered unprofessional to ask who someone is directly. 
Indirect or implied requests are an excellent way to steer the conversation where you need it to go. 
It is best to stick with highly polite direct questions for professional calls, while implied questions are fine for less formal occasions.
Indirect questions during personal or informal calls are often more in the tone of voice and more extended, expectant silences than in the word choice itself. But here are a few examples.
For example:
•	“It’s nice to speak with you. My name is [your name].” [wait for response]
•	“I’m sorry I did not catch your name.”
•	“I’m sorry I don’t remember your name.”
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