How To Ask Someone About Something Without Accusing Them?
85 views · Nov 10, 2020
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to ask someone a question but were afraid to sound rude? It’s common to leave the wrong impressions when we are talking to other people, especially if it involves an accusation tone.

Even when you are extremely careful with your words, it’s still possible that the other person is going to take it in the wrong way. So how can you ask a question without accusing them?

Excellent communication is the key.

Communication is not only made by the words you speak, but also by your tone of voice and body and facial expressions.

So, how to improve your communication?

1.	Breathe calmly
2.	Express how their behavior is affecting you
3.	Mind your tone of voice
4.	Keep an open body language
5.	Focus on the solution

And what’s the best way to ask a question without sounding like an accusation?

Use open-ended questions to give room for the person to elaborate the answer.

For example, instead of asking a closed-ended question, try to use open questions like:

    “What happened to my…?”

    “Where is my…?”
And you can follow those questions with a…

    “Do you know who…?”

    “Have you seen what…?”

The main thing to remember is to never ask directly if that person did what you are asking.

Hence, it’s quite easy to get caught with an overwhelming feeling of anger or frustration, but if you allow your emotions to take over, then it’s definitely going to sound like an accusation. Before you decide to approach that person, try to make yourself calm and look at the situation with an open mind.

Try to give the other person time to explain before you jump into any conclusions.
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