How Do I Stop People from Using My Bathroom?

How do I stop people from using my bathroom

Sometimes, you just gotta go. If you happen to be a nice person, you’ll probably recognize and accommodate others’ need to find some relief when nature calls. The problem is that some people may take advantage of your bathroom privilege generosity and indulge their natural inclinations without abandon. If you find that others are taking … Read more

How Do You Deal with a Family Member Who Is Gossiping About You?

How do you deal with a family member who is gossiping about you?

Family tension can take many forms, one of which is when family members gossip about each other; even in relatively happy families, extended family interaction can lead to gossiping among various family members. While it isn’t the most pleasant scenario to deal with, gossiping is a fairly straightforward problem that can be dealt with in … Read more

What to Do When Someone Is Obsessed with You

what to do when someone is obsessed with you

When someone is obsessed with you it can get very uncomfortable. You feel like you don’t have a life of your own. Such a person will behave as if you are a property. You feel as though you are owned by someone. If you allow obsession to persist, you’ll end up in big problems you … Read more

How To Respond When Someone Compliments You Too Much

How to Respond When Someone Compliments You Too Much

Isn’t it nice to receive a compliment? Whether it’s “Hey, you look nice, today,” or “I love your new haircut,” to “You did an awesome job on that presentation.” A compliment makes you feel great, doesn’t it? You glow a little, you bask, and you enjoy the moment. Usually. There are also occasions, though, when … Read more

How To Tell Someone Their House Smells Bad

how do you tell someone their house smells bad

We’ve all had that experience. You walk into someone’s house and within minutes you notice a horrid odor. Their cats’ litter boxes or their garbage can is wafting a nasty aroma. The smell could be infiltrating the entire house, every room you enter stinks to high heaven. So, how do you tell them? Telling someone … Read more

How To Politely Tell Someone They Look Bad

How do you politely tell someone they look bad?

A lot can be said about you simply from how good or terrible you dress and look. It becomes challenging if you have friends and colleagues who, in your opinion, do not look good. For one or more reasons, you may be tempted to tell them what you think and feel about how they look. … Read more

How To Politely Tell Someone They Are Not Invited

how to politely tell someone they are not invited

When we invite friends and family to events in our lives for parties or weddings, deciding on the invitation list can be challenging. Some events like weddings may have a limited number of guests. From finances to venue capacities, inviting everyone you want may not be possible. Also, there may be people that you simply … Read more

How To Politely Ask For Money For A Bachelorette Party

how to politely ask for money for bachelorette party

A bachelorette party is one of the most significant events of your life. It signals your transition from being a single woman to being married, with all the benefits and responsibilities that come with that. Whoever is in charge of planning the big event will sooner or later have to demand a financial contribution from … Read more

How Do You Say “Going To The Bathroom” Professionally?

How do you say going to the bathroom professionally?

Everyone has to go to the bathroom but in most cultures, no one will freely discuss what happens there. It’s important to be professional when you’re describing most things that are related to the bathroom so that you don’t inadvertently offend anyone. Keep it vague by saying: “I’ll be back in a few” or “I’m … Read more

How Do You Tell Someone They Can’t Cook?

How do you tell someone they can't cook?

It happens. You’re visiting a relative for dinner. Your friend is planning a party. You even go out to what you think will be a nice restaurant. Unfortunately, the meal is not what you think it was going to be. It stinks. This is a frequent enough occurrence that it’s worth knowing how to navigate. … Read more