21+ Ways to Invite Someone to a Surprise

How do you invite someone to a surprise

Planning a surprise event is exciting and it adds an additional element to the mix. Someone is going to be very surprised when that event takes place. This type of event also means more planning as you have to be careful about who you invite and how you invite them. You don’t want the surprise … Read more

5 Proven Tips to Ask Someone If They Speak Another Language

How do you ask someone if they speak another language

There are times when you may need to ask if someone speaks another language. Maybe you don’t understand the language one speaks or you want to pass a message better in a different language. In such a situation, you may want to ask the person if they’re able to speak a language you’re more comfortable … Read more

How to Respond When Someone Tells You Something You Already Know

how to respond when someone tells you something you already know

You’ve probably been in a situation where someone tells you something you already know. Maybe it was your friend trying to be nice and give you advice, or perhaps a colleague thought you didn’t understand what they were saying. If someone tells you something you already know, respond with interest in what the person is … Read more

5 Proven Tips to Respond Politely

How do you respond politely?

Do your best to always respond politely to people. It sets the tone for your character with them. It doesn’t matter if it is a friend, your partner, family, or someone you work with. Even if your day-to-day interactions with people you have never met before, be polite. To respond politely, use the words please … Read more

How to Say “Your Response Is Highly Appreciated”

How do you say your response is highly appreciated

When you send a message and really need a reply back, it is important to let the other party know. It can be frustrating when you are in limbo, waiting for them to get back to you. Add a statement that their reply is necessary, greatly appreciated, or urgent. This will light a fire on … Read more

How to Respond to Thank You After Compliment

How to Respond to Thank You After Compliment

People often say thank you after you give them a compliment. This is standard right across the world. It’s good to reply to a compliment with genuine appreciation. This article will explain how you can respond when someone says thanks to your compliment in several situations. Say You’re Welcome You can usually respond to a … Read more

How to Respond to “My Pleasure”

how do you respond to my pleasure

Whenever someone says thank you, people, in English-speaking countries often respond with my pleasure. They may also use something similar to that to express that it was their pleasure to give assistance or help someone else in some way. So, you’ll receive my pleasure as a response after saying thank you, whether you’re speaking with … Read more

What Do You Say When Someone Accepts an Invitation?

What do you say when someone accepts an invitation

You have invited someone, and now, you hope the person will show up at your event. But, what do you say when someone accepts an invitation? If someone accepts your invitation, you should first thank them and share any information about the event, such as dress codes, timings, or dining arrangements. Also, offer to be … Read more

How Do You Respond to “My Bad”

how do you respond to my bad

We all make mistakes – it’s an inevitable part of being human. Most people use the phrase “My bad” as a very informal and light apology used to take ownership of a mistake or error. In common everyday use, the phrase is contrition and a slangy way of saying, “I’m sorry, that was my fault.” … Read more

How to Respond to Appreciation

How to Respond to Appreciation

Most of us do all we can at work or in our personal lives to do the right thing. It isn’t for recognition but the fact that you know it is the right thing to do and you can look at yourself in the mirror without feeling like you let yourself or others down. When … Read more