How to Say “Your Response Is Highly Appreciated”

How do you say your response is highly appreciated

When you send a message and really need a reply back, it is important to let the other party know. It can be frustrating when you are in limbo, waiting for them to get back to you. Add a statement that their reply is necessary, greatly appreciated, or urgent. This will light a fire on … Read more

How to Reply to “Have a Wonderful Time”

How to Reply to Have a Wonderful Time

When someone says have a wonderful time, they are wishing you the best for something you plan to take part in. This can be a friend, family member, or someone you work with. How much you share with them often determines when you will hear this type of conversation. It is a polite way for … Read more

How to Respond to “How Was Your Celebration?”

How to respond to how was your celebration

It is wonderful when someone asks you how your celebration went. This shows they care about you and they remembered you had something special taking place. Such individuals shouldn’t be taken for granted. When asked, “How was your party?” respond succinctly with, “It was wonderful, thank you for asking,” if it’s colleagues. You can tell … Read more

Is It Rude to Be on Your Phone While Watching a Movie?

Is It Rude to Be on Your Phone While Watching a Movie

Is it rude to be on your phone while watching a movie? Manners are used in a social context so it can be assumed that if someone is considering the question of rudeness during entertainment it’s because they’re around other people. If you are watching a movie with friends, it is rude to use the … Read more

Is It Rude to Talk on the Phone on the Bus?

is it rude to talk on the phone on the bus

We’re all used to chatting on the phone while doing something else, but is it ever acceptable to talk on the mobile in public? Is it rude or not? It is not rude to talk on the phone on the bus as long as you are considerate of those around you and speak quietly. However, … Read more

Is It Rude to Call Someone “Posh”

is it rude to call someone posh

What do you think of when someone says the word “posh”? Do you imagine a rich, upper-class family? Or perhaps you picture an expensive hotel or restaurant. These are probably some of your first associations with posh if you’re like many people. It is rude to call a person “posh” as it expresses an allusion … Read more

How to Respond to “How Was Your Birthday”

how to respond to how was your birthday

You have taken time off for your birthday, and every person you meet the following days wants to know how your day went. It is not always a genuine interest but often serves as a general conversation starter. If asked, “How was your birthday,” you can give as much or as little information as you … Read more

How to Respond to “Enjoy Your Meal”

how to respond to enjoy your meal

How should you respond when someone tells you to enjoy your meal? There are several situations in which this might be said. Regardless of the circumstances, you should respond to “Enjoy your meal” with “Thank you.” If possible, add the person’s name or highlight a feature of the meal you are excited about. Eateries That … Read more

How to Reply “Thanks for Coming”

how to reply thanks for coming

There are several forms of greeting that are traditional. Whenever a host is bidding guests goodbye after an event, they usually say “Thanks for coming”. This is a standard greeting in America and in some other parts of the world. In response to “Thanks for coming,” you can emphasize how much you enjoyed the event. … Read more

How to Reply “Thanks for Asking”

how to reply thanks for asking

People will often reply thanks for asking when you ask about their health or some issue of concern. As long as you’re not prying, you’ll usually receive this expression of gratitude. This article will explain how you can respond to this expression of appreciation. Say You’re Welcome Saying you’re welcome is the easiest way to … Read more