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How Do I Ask Someone to Forward My Email?

An email is an important form of communication that has replaced traditional mail. Essential communication via email is a required skill in today's world. Writing an email with a clear purpose is necessary for your personal and professional life. How do I ask someone to forward my email? Asking for something is the best way to get something you want or need. The direct approach is the best option when asking for something. In a professional setting, replacing please may help you sound more professional and less personal while acknowledging the importance of time to the other individual. Below we will look at how to ask a friend or colleague to forward your email. Direct Approach The best and easiest way to achieve something you want is to ask for it directly. This is the easiest approach if you have developed a rapport or a personal relationship with the person you are asking to forward the email. The direct approach will allow you to clearly and directly express your need for assistance to have your email forwarded. Most people would be willing to lend assistance to your request and forward your email to the correct person that you have requested. If you are not on a personal level, it could help strengthen your relationship with this person and help you both assist each other with projects or issues in the future. Replacing Forward In a personal setting, you can replace forward with send to make your request less formal and more sociable. This may ease the burden on you when asking and can help your request sound less formal. You are asking the same thing basically but using sending reduces the request to a personal level and may help your request be fulfilled when you request it on a personal level. Could you please when a request that your email is forwarded to the right person can be used in a professional setting when you need to maintain a level of professionalism. Other phrases that can be used are I’d appreciate it if you could and I’d be grateful if you could. These will help you ask while remaining professional in the situation. It would be helpful if you could and I was wondering if you could are two alternative ways to request a favor from someone in a professional setting. Replacing Please The use of please may sound off-putting to some when used in a professional setting. It may seem personal and not on a professional level. Replacing please or changing how you ask in a professional setting may help with your request. Below we will look at a few different ways to rephrase please forward my email professionally by removing the please. When you get a chance When you get a chance is a great replacement for the use of please in a professional setting. It is a good way of letting the person know you acknowledge their valuable time and the importance of it. Using it when you get a chance will allow you to be polite and remain professional. If you don’t mind If you don’t mind it is a little less formal than when you get a chance but can be used when there is a good rapport between you and the person you are requesting to forward your message. It still may be a better option for most than please. If you could forward my email that would be great If you could forward my email that would be great is a great way to ask for your email to be forwarded in a professional setting. It has a good balance of professionalism and personalization. It can be used in both situations when you may not have a personal connection with the person you are requesting but are attempting to develop a better rapport with them. I’d appreciate it if you could forward my email This is a great replacement for please and still keep the professional vibe of your request. It allows you to continually remain professional and polite at the same time. It will still acknowledge that the request requires a task and that you are thankful for that task while still keeping professionalism to the request. Point me in the Right Direction If you are unsure of the correct recipient of your email, sending an email asking them to forward your email to the correct person can help you get in touch with the correct person. It may be difficult at times to find the correct contact information or locate the correct person at a company so this may be the only way you have to find out the correct information. If you do not receive a response, ensure you follow up after a short period to find out if they were able to forward your request and if you can get into contact with the correct person. Showing Appreciation No matter how you ask, you should show appreciation in your request. It is ok to cut out the use of please in a professional setting but you should not omit the use of thank you. It will help show or reiterate that you are appreciative of the person and them taking their time to complete the request you have made. It will help strengthen these bridges of communication you are building in your personal and professional life. Conclusion Requesting to have your email forwarded on a personal or professional level may seem like a difficult task, however, it is easily accomplished. The direct approach is the best way to get what you want easily and quickly. In a professional setting, replacing the use of please can help your request sound more professional and less personal. No matter which way you choose to ask someone to forward your email, you should include a thank you in the request. It will help show you are appreciative of the time and effort they have shown the request you made.

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