How Do You Professionally Say “This Is Not Urgent”?

How do you professionally say this is not urgent

When you send something professionally that isn’t urgent, it should be clear that you want them to read it or respond, but at their convenience. To let someone know that a task is not urgent, mark your email as informative or give a deadline far in the future. Tell that a response by that time … Read more

How Do You Say “Noted” Professionally?

How do you say noted professionally

Always keep your replies professional when you receive any type of information. Get into the habit of thanking the other party for what they shared with you. It can be a supervisor, a co-worker, or someone from a different company you are working with. In certain instances, it can also be a customer. Avoid simply … Read more

How to Professionally Say “You Didn’t Answer My Question”

How to professionally say you didnt answer my question

It is frustrating when your question didn’t get answered, but you also need to maintain a professional relationship about it. Don’t feel out of line to ask for more details or to tell them again what you have questions about. To professionally tell someone that they did not answer your question you should first thank … Read more

How to Reply “I Will Let You Know” Professionally?

How do you reply to I will let you know professionally

It is hard to wait for information, and being too assertive can rub professionals the wrong way. You have to balance letting them know you are eager for information and you are being too pushy for it. As a professional response to “I will let you know,” you can say thank you and emphasize that … Read more

How Do You Respond to “We Don’t Talk Anymore”?

How Do You Respond to "We Don't Talk Anymore"?

When someone tells you that you don’t talk anymore, it can make you stop in your tracks. Perhaps you are avoiding them because they are toxic and you plan to keep your distance. On the other hand, life may just be busy right now. Sharing that with them is important so they don’t feel brushed … Read more

How to Respond to Happy Birthday Text from Ex

how to respond to happy birthday text from ex

A happy birthday text from an ex can produce a variety of reactions. These can range from joy to sadness. The reaction to Happy Birthday text messages from your ex depends on your current relationship. Don’t be afraid to set clear boundaries if you don’t want to receive any more texts. If your relationship is … Read more

What If Someone Doesn’t Reply to Birthday Wishes?

What if someone doesnt reply to birthday wishes

Birthdays are a special time each year, symbolizing how far we’ve come and reminding us that we’re getting older. Celebrating a person’s birthday shows the person you value and communicates that you prioritize your relationship. One of the simplest ways to do this is to wish them a happy birthday. Birthday wishes make someone feel … Read more

How to Reply to “Happy Birthday” from Your Boss

How to Reply to Happy Birthday from Your Boss

When your boss wishes you a happy birthday, it shows that he is interested in you as a person outside of work issues. Therefore, the answer does not have to be formal. Respond to “Happy Birthday” from your boss with a thank you followed by some appreciation for thinking of you. For example, “Thank you … Read more

How to Deal with Being the Ugly Friend

How to Deal with Being the Ugly Friend

Being an ugly friend is a problem that many people face. While there are many types of relationships, the one between two friends or siblings can be particularly hurtful. This type of relationship involves a group where one person is more unattractive than the other, and being this person is not easy. It often results … Read more