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We share instructions on politely handling everyday interpersonal challenges. The project started as an internal collection of the employees of IdeeOle and is now a publicly available resource that we expand whenever we learn something new.


Under Business, you will find everything about work, everyday office life, and dealing with business partners.

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polite way to say someone was fired

Polite Ways To Say Someone Was Fired

A colleague losing their job is never a fun moment. No matter if you're the boss making the announcement or ...
How to politely start a phone call

How To Politely Start A Phone Call

You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression on a phone call. Make sure you are ...
How to gracefully remove yourself from a project

How to Gracefully Remove Yourself from a Project

Gracefully removing yourself from a project is possible, and the others involved will continue with it. There are personal and ...


In the Social section, everything revolves around the many everyday situations in which questions arise about how to deal with our fellow human beings.

Explore Social:

how to politely ask someone to move their car

How To Politely Ask Someone To Move Their Car

The internet is full of stories of people dishing out petty revenge after someone takes their spot or blocks their ...
How do you say everyone pays for themselves?

How Do You Say Everyone Pays For Themselves?

If you're planning a hen night or another party, how do you say everyone pays for themselves? Asking might make ...
What to say in a personal voicemail greeting

What to Say in a Personal Voicemail Greeting

Anyone can call your phone at any time. Your voicemail message is like a virtual assistant, standing in your place ...


The Courtesy section is dedicated to situations where we want to convey a message to others while ensuring that it is not perceived as rude or disrespectful.

Explore Courtesy:

how do you ask for gift cards on an invitation

How To Ask For Gift Cards On An Invitation

Whenever you're planning to host a birthday party or any other type of celebration, it's likely that your guests may ...
How do you politely tell someone to stop humming?

How To Politely Tell Someone To Stop Humming

When someone is humming around you, the noise can quickly become so annoying that you can't think straight anymore. Of ...
How To Ask A Photographer To Adjust Photos

How To Ask A Photographer To Adjust Photos?

If you're in a situation where you hire a photographer but may not like the finished product, then you're in ...


Under the heading Discomforts, you will find solutions for delicate situations that are unpleasant for you but can be mastered with the proper formulations.

Explore Discomforts:

how to politely ask for money for bachelorette party

How To Politely Ask For Money For A Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party is one of the most significant events of your life. It signals your transition from being a ...
how do you tell someone their house smells bad

How To Tell Someone Their House Smells Bad

We’ve all had that experience. You walk into someone’s house and within minutes you notice a horrid odor. Their cats’ ...
how to tell someone to stop taking pictures of you

How to Tell Someone to Stop Taking Pictures of You

Taking pictures is something that people like doing a lot. It's a practice that's common today because of technology. With ...


We regularly conduct surveys on current issues in interpersonal communication and on preferences in business life.

From this, we can deduce, for example, what time is best for a meeting or whether some behavior might be perceived as impolite.

Explore Surveys:

Best Day for a Business Meeting

[Survey Result] Best Day for a Business Meeting

If you're trying to schedule a business meeting, you may have wondered which day of the week would be best ...
Is it rude to turn off the camera in a virtual meeting?

[Survey] Is It Rude to Turn Off the Camera in a Virtual Meeting?

Thanks to technology, virtual meetings save time. They ensure people can connect at a given time from locations all over ...
Is It Rude To Call Someone Dude

Is It Rude To Call Someone “Dude”?

Is it rude to call someone dude? We asked 105 people in the US and about a third of the ...

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