How to Respond to a Pity Invite

How to Respond to a Pity Invite

It can be difficult to know how to respond when you receive a pity invite. First, consider your invitation. Were you invited for politeness or because the host wanted you? After determining their goals, decide how to proceed. If you don’t want to attend, politely reject. If the invitation is genuine, embrace it generously and … Read more

How to Tell a Neighbor You Don’t Want to Be Friends

how to tell a neighbor you don't want to be friends

Neighbors are a crucial part of our lives—after all, they are the people who live just a few feet away from us. However, there are some neighbors who just don’t know how to keep their distance, and can be really hard to deal with. One way to tell a neighbor you don’t want to be … Read more

How Do You Tell Someone They Are Rude in a Nice Way?

How do you tell someone they are rude in a nice way

Unfortunately, most of us encounter rude people on an almost daily basis, in workplaces, public areas, etc. Knowing how to deal with rude people – and what to say to them – is of great importance.  To tell someone in a nice way that they are being rude, say, “I understand that you are upset, … Read more

5 Tips to Tell Someone Not to Bring Their Kids to a Party

How do you tell someone not to bring their kids to a party

It may seem like a touchy topic, but if you are firm about no children at a party, make sure everyone invited understands that. At the same time, understand some of the people you invite aren’t going to show up if they can’t bring the little ones along. To tell someone not to bring their … Read more

5 Proven Tips to Avoid Someone in Public

how to avoid someone in public

Sometimes, all you want is to be alone. Perhaps, you don’t want to be in the company of people who bring your energy down, or maybe there’s someone you want to avoid because you don’t feel like having a conversation. To naturally avoid someone in public, the best way is to appear busy. Pretend to … Read more

How Do You Respond to “We Don’t Talk Anymore”?

How Do You Respond to "We Don't Talk Anymore"?

When someone tells you that you don’t talk anymore, it can make you stop in your tracks. Perhaps you are avoiding them because they are toxic and you plan to keep your distance. On the other hand, life may just be busy right now. Sharing that with them is important so they don’t feel brushed … Read more

How to Respond to Happy Birthday Text from Ex

how to respond to happy birthday text from ex

A happy birthday text from an ex can produce a variety of reactions. These can range from joy to sadness. The reaction to Happy Birthday text messages from your ex depends on your current relationship. Don’t be afraid to set clear boundaries if you don’t want to receive any more texts. If your relationship is … Read more

What If Someone Doesn’t Reply to Birthday Wishes?

What if someone doesnt reply to birthday wishes

Birthdays are a special time each year, symbolizing how far we’ve come and reminding us that we’re getting older. Celebrating a person’s birthday shows the person you value and communicates that you prioritize your relationship. One of the simplest ways to do this is to wish them a happy birthday. Birthday wishes make someone feel … Read more

How to Deal with Being the Ugly Friend

How to Deal with Being the Ugly Friend

Being an ugly friend is a problem that many people face. While there are many types of relationships, the one between two friends or siblings can be particularly hurtful. This type of relationship involves a group where one person is more unattractive than the other, and being this person is not easy. It often results … Read more

How to Tell Someone to Stop Taking Pictures of You

how to tell someone to stop taking pictures of you

Taking pictures is something that people like doing a lot. It’s a practice that’s common today because of technology. With a smartphone, it’s possible to take as many photos as you want. Given that taking pictures is a practice allowed in mainstream society, what happens when someone takes pictures of you? To tell someone to … Read more