How to Say “Your Response Is Highly Appreciated”

When you send a message and really need a reply back, it is important to let the other party know. It can be frustrating when you are in limbo, waiting for them to get back to you.

Add a statement that their reply is necessary, greatly appreciated, or urgent. This will light a fire on their end. They get the message loud and clear that you need to hear back from them soon!

How you word this makes a difference as you don’t want to rub them the wrong way. You want them to understand you need the reply, but you aren’t demanding or pushy.

You can use these methods both for personal and professional messages where you need a reply back as quickly as you can get it.

Mark Emails and Texts as Important

Any time the response is highly appreciated, mark the emails and texts as urgent or priority. When you put this in a headline or the top line of the message, it grabs their attention.

They understand you need that information quickly, and they won’t put it aside to reply to later on.

Get into the habit of marking emails and texts as important when you need a response back fast so that those you contact also know what to look for.

What to Say:

“I would appreciate a reply at your earliest convenience.”

“Due to the time-sensitive nature of this message, I ask that you reply back as soon as you can.

“Urgent! This email is a priority! The deadline to respond is quickly approaching.”

Tell Them You Value Their Opinion

Share with the other party why you want a reply from them urgently.

Let them know you value their opinion and their input on the subject.

This will encourage them to reply because they feel important. They realize they have something to offer to assist you.

What to Say:

“Please reply back, I am very interested in your thoughts and ideas.”

“You have so much to offer for this project, can you kindly reply and let me know what you think about it?

“We value your professionalism and expertise in this area. The information you share will help us stay on track and offer the best solution possible.”

Share Deadlines

When you have solid deadlines in place, share those with the other party. Make it clear you have to hear back by a given date.

If your deadline is Friday, share with them that you must hear back by Wednesday. Doing so gives you some time to compile the information and meet your own deadline which is a couple of days later.

Do your part by sending out the request for information timely. Don’t wait until the last minute and cut others short on time to respond.

What to Say:

“Your reply is greatly appreciated, please note I must have the reply back by Wednesday to use the details in my report.”

“I look forward to your reply, please make sure it is sent no later than Wednesday due to the deadlines we have to adhere to.”

“We need a count of how many people to provide food for. Please RSVP by Wednesday so we can include you in the luncheon.”

Let Them Know the Importance of Their Reply

People get emails/texts/phone calls all the time! They may be in a rush to go through them and clear them out.

Let them know how important their reply is to you. This is a great way to help them see the value in replying back timely.

Few people will delete messages when they know it is important to the person that sent them.

What to Say:

“I am really excited to talk to you about this while I am in town. Since my time there is limited, it is important to hear back from you soon with the days and times you are available. I look forward to seeing you!

“Your input means a great deal to me, I know I can count on you, to be honest, and to put amazing ideas on the table.”

“I appreciate your reply, this has been a challenging project for us. With your continued support and guidance, we will get through it!”

“I hope you can be part of this surprise party event, please let me know so we can get the final details in place.”

Try to Personalize the Messages

You may have several people to send the same message to, but it doesn’t have to be generic and impersonal.

Strive to make those messages personalized, even if it takes a bit more time. You can use tools to add their name to it at the very least so it addresses them properly.

What to Say:

“I look forward to talking to you. I haven’t seen any recent photos of the kids, hopefully, you can share some when we meet up. When you reply back let me know the best days for you to meet.”

“Congratulations on your recent promotion too! We need to plan a lunch date so we can celebrate that success! I have the following days open, do any of them work for you?”

“I realize you are busy with your new little one, but hopefully, you can reply back to me quickly so I can get this moving forward.”

Tell Them You Will Follow Up If You Don’t Hear Back

When you really need a reply soon, tell them you will follow up if you don’t hear back by a certain date.

Most people will reply to you when they hear that because they don’t want you to be tracking them down for a response. They want to be responsible and take care of it.

When someone doesn’t get back to you, reach out with a phone call, when possible, to remind them that you need a reply.

What to Say:

“I would appreciate a reply back from you no later than the 15th. I will be making phone calls on the 16th to anyone that doesn’t reply to follow up. I realize everyone is busy but this is too important to let it sit idle.”

“Thanks for taking the time to help out, I plan to be in touch in a week or so if I haven’t gotten your reply by then. If you need any additional details feel free to reach out to me.”