How To Tell Someone They Have A Bright Future

We are all talented. Believe it or not, each of us excels at something. We have a strong point that makes us shine, and that can make us earn a lot of money, be famous, or most important be happy.

Sometimes it is a skill, but it is the personality that makes our great achievements in reality. That is why you must discover what trait makes you unique.

When someone tells you that you have a bright future, that simple play on words gives you motivation and confidence in yourself, because it means that you have a great talent or are on the right track.

In the same way, when you are telling someone they have a great future, it will boost their self-confidence and put a smile on their face. But how exactly do you say “you have a bright future”?

You can say: “You have everything you need to have for a bright future!”. That simple phrase can bring peace of mind, wonder, motivation, happiness, and security to a person with great talent and personality, even if he does not know it.

Past Is Past, Focus On Now

Career success and a happy family is most people’s definition of a bright future. However, you cannot avoid bad events like a failure, loss, or bad experiences throughout your life.

The truth is, reaching your desired future is not as easy as touching your fingers, yet you don’t need to continue to feel overshadowed by the bad things in life, and neither do the people around you.

You can start by telling that person who has a bright future around the following ideas:

“It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, but what you do now.”

“Whatever mistakes you experience, learn what you can from that bad experience and move on, the future will be better.”

“It’s not just about getting better results, but doing something for your dreams.”

These 3 ideas are based on the same thing: No matter what you have done, your past is already past, focus on the present to build a future where you can be happy.

A Better Future Is Built From The Present

Thinking about where you want to go without doing anything to get there is unproductive. Getting old is not getting better.

Being older leads us to die, and growing up leads us to impact. Tomorrow we will not be better if we do not strive to grow today, evolve as people, and become aware of our actions.

So how do you build a better future? Well, to have a better tomorrow, we must focus on today, which is all we have, but not on the day-to-day and the things we have to do, but rather thinks strategically about what is required to achieve a better tomorrow.

With this in mind, we must tell a person that they have a bright future from what they are currently doing, no matter how many times they have failed in the past.

Knowledge, curiosity, soft skills, emotional intelligence, humility, and proactivity are tools that can help that person on the way to the future.

Tips To Give A Person

Teach others

Tell him that he learns more about himself when he helps or teaches someone.

Critical sense

Tell him that awareness of his actions and decisions is what activates his ability to improve.

Focus on the present

Tell him that he cannot live based on the past or past glories, he has to move forward to grow. The good days will continue to arrive for those who know how to discern where it is important to focus energy.

Growing means changing

Tell him that in this life, it is necessary to evolve if he wants to be better; the status quo is the enemy of growth because it does not challenge, or allow him to question anything.

Example Sentences

Even with the information in this article (and what remains to be read), for many, it isn’t easy to express in their own words what they think. Here are some examples you can use to tell someone that they have a bright future:

“You are a truly exceptional person. Your talents have taken you far, they allow you to enjoy today with a lot of benefits and good things for your life. Keep cultivating all those positive aspects of your existence and you will reap a bright future, I promise you.”

“I am proud to meet a person like you. A person who brings all his talent and all his ability to lead, direct and renew everything that is in his path. You have a thousand and one opportunities to be happy because you turn everything into a tool for it. I congratulate you! You are a great person; a bright future awaits you.”

“Your nature is to be a good person. We know that, like all people, you have mistakes and bad moments; however, you have turned all of them into opportunities and now you are building a great future. You deserve it!”

“You are a fighter and a successful person to the end. You are not tired of chasing your dreams, so they have come true for you. Follow that path, the goals are always just around the corner to be achieved.”

5 Aspects To Keep in Mind Before Saying It

Before telling someone that they have a bright future, you should be aware of these 5 aspects:

Help him be self-aware

To bet on his strengths, you will first have to help him recognize them.

Show him that accepting his weaknesses (which we all have) and focusing on those great virtues that make him unique is the first step to discovering that trait that will lead him directly to stardom.

Help him empower who he is

One of the most common mistakes is empowering who you would like to be, but you have to empower who you are.

What limits people is the romantic version of the person they aspire to become or what they think they already are, versus what they already really are. Sound a bit familiar?

Help him to be honest

Tell him how important it is, to tell the truth, or rather: tell himself, ACCEPT. Only then will he be able to find that trait that makes him unique, leading him to success.

To find that truth, it is important that he feels in a safe and comfortable environment, like his friends and family, and above all, find moments that make him feel good.

Do not hesitate to ask others

If that person thinks he knows his strength, advise him to ask people they trust for their opinion about himself, to see if it matches what he thinks. If so, congratulations.

Encourage him to work to enhance his talent

No one is born an expert. That person may have a special talent, but he is usually raw and he has to work on it to shine it.

Generally, it takes a person five to seven years to bring their skills to their full potential. However, if it is something that he is good at, he will probably also like to do more about it, read more about it, and continue to train it.

Recommendations For A Bright Future

Previously, we told you some key inspirations to tell a person that a good future awaits them, but in addition to that, there are some activities and processes that can help along the way.

The following tips are aimed at that person or friend you want to motivate to keep working for a bright future.

Study or do a specialization

Motivate that person to study, no matter if he is young or old. The best thing will be to study at a university if he has finished high school. Having a college degree opens many doors in the future, so don’t hesitate to recommend someone to study.

Talk to him about the importance of choosing a reputable or recognized institution, as it will be his cover letter from now on.

Master a second language

Another option, and a very good one, by the way, is to recommend learning another language. If you are going to help choose the language, you should recommend Spanish, French, Italian, or Mandarin.

If that person has the opportunity to learn or improve the language in another country, take advantage of that opportunity. The time he will spend studying languages will be an investment in his future, both professionally and personally.

This is an element that he can start with now, and that will make all the difference to the success he wants to achieve.

There are many language study programs. Get advice and find out about them to make a good recommendation. You will be surprised how easy it is to access this type of course, in quality institutions and with excellent results.

Gain work experience

Gaining work experience will allow him to mature as a person, and know better what he wants and likes.

However, work experience is essential in the future, so he can start focusing his efforts on obtaining it now.

If you already have work experience, you surely know what we are talking about.


Today many companies value that a candidate has experience as a volunteer. This is a sign that you care about others and you care not only for your well-being.

Also, volunteering allows you to explore your interior. So, invite that person to live these experiences from now on.

There are many volunteer programs he can sign up for that support different causes. Your friend will be able to live this experience outside his city or even outside his country.

Being a volunteer allows you to know other places, nourish yourself with other cultures and help those who need it most.

Live an international experience

In large international companies, it is considered very valuable that their employees have had an international experience in the past.

Surely you wonder what this refers to. In short, these are people who have spent a season living abroad, either studying, working, or volunteering.

Encourage your friend to get out of his comfort zone. This is a highly valued aspect because it shows their independence, adaptability, and knowledge of other cultures and it can even be a sign of their command of another language.