Survey Result: Is It Rude To Block Someone?

Sometimes people get on our nerves, and we want to block their messages. These can be former work colleagues, lovers, or strangers who want to spam us with advertising.

Messenger apps or social media sites allow us to block other users. Our survey shows that the use of this function is perfectly fine for most people.

Is It Rude to Block Someone?

In our recent survey in the U.S., only about 20% of people thought it was rude to block someone. The remaining 80% feel that it is their right to do so.

It comes down to how you feel about it, but if you don’t want to interact with someone then that is up to you. Sometimes, blocking them is the only way to get them to leave you alone!

The block feature with social media and messenger is there for a reason. It is there to give you control over who can privately reach you and who can’t. You can block or unblock someone easily at your disgression. You can tell someone why you blocked them if you wish, but you are never obligated to do so.

Send Them a Message Before You Block Them

Speak up if you feel someone is bothering you and you don’t want them to message you.

If that doesn’t put an end to it, block them and move forward. They can’t continue to send you messages if you don’t allow them to.

What to Say:

“Who are you and why are you sending messages to me?”

“It isn’t appropriate for you to send me such messages and I want it to stop.”

“We are no longer communicating and I have nothing further to say to you. Do not message me again.”

“I am sure your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend would be upset if they saw the messages you are sending to me. I don’t appreciate it and if you send any more I will copy and send them to your partner.”

“Please stop sending me messages or I will block you.”

When You Block Someone on Social Media

When you block someone from your social media account, they can’t send you friend requests. You may have previously been friends with them but no longer want to be.

If your page is public, they can search your posts by your name. The way to get around that is to block them or to make your page private.

Children often block parents because they don’t want them to see what they shared. Some people complain all the time or hijack posts, and it is fine to block them. You may not be comfortable with co-workers accessing your social media either. You may like to separate your private life from your work life.

What to Say:

“Sorry but I prefer to keep what I do outside of work private. It is nothing personal, but I don’t mix work and social life. It has been an issue in the past so now I have boundaries in place.”

“I had to block you because you continued to post negative comments on my pages. I know you don’t agree with my views on certain things but you should respect them. You are free to share your views on your personal social media pages.”

“I no longer want you to have access to my posts or my photos.”

“Our relationship is complicated right now, and I prefer to keep it off social media.”

“I keep my circle small, I don’t add people I don’t know on a personal level.”

Blocking People with Negative Charisma

Life is too short to engage with people giving off negative energy all the time. Some feel they are always right, and they will create conflict with anyone who disagrees. They never have anything positive to say, and they can ruin your day if you aren’t careful.

Blocking such individuals gives you peace of mind and helps you keep a positive mindset.

What to Say:

“I like to focus on the positive and you don’t seem to do that. It brings me down when I see your negative comments.”

“Small steps forward help me reach my goals. When I see negative comments, I doubt myself and it harms my self-esteem. I can’t reach my goals if I let people do that to me.”

“We don’t see eye to eye on many things. I am fine with such differences but you don’t seem to be.”

“My page isn’t a place to argue about politics, religion, or other topics. It is a place for me to share what is important to me.”

Saying Nothing Sends a Powerful Message

You don’t have to say anything at all if you prefer not to. If you don’t know the person, block them immediately so they can’t continue to do it. If you have already told that person you don’t want to talk to them or they are toxic, block them and protect your positive energy.

When you don’t say anything, it sends a powerful message. The next time they try to message you, it won’t allow them to do so. They should get the message loud and clear at that time you have blocked them and don’t want to be contacted in such a manner.

If they try to reach you through other means, it could be considered stalking and you may need to report it to law enforcement.

What If They Reach Out?

Sometimes, a person won’t let it go. They feel they are owed an explanation. They may reach out and ask why you blocked them. You may bump into them publicly and they bring it up.

You can be honest and tell them your reason or you can just tell them you don’t use messenger programs. It depends on your relationship with them and how much you wish to share.

Never play dumb with it or tell them you don’t know how they got blocked. They will take that as a window of opportunity to contact you again or through other means. Stand your ground, you can be straightforward without it being uncomfortable or conflicting when you tell someone you have blocked them from social media or message apps.