[Survey Result] Is It Rude to Burp Out Loud?

Is it rude to burp out loud? Our recent survey done in the United States shows that many people think burping out loud is rude.

Whether you’re burping or considering doing anything else that’s rude, it’s always important to think of how you’ll be perceived afterward. Most people won’t say anything to you but your behavior affects how they think about you.

Is It Rude to Burp Out Loud?

Out of 102 respondents in our recent survey, 83% felt that burping out loud is rude. While the survey was done in the United States, it reflects the opinions of many people around the world.

[Survey Result] Is It Rude to Burp Out Loud?

Rudeness happens whenever someone behaves in a way that another person doesn’t think is civil. [1] As such, if 83% of people in the US think that burping out loud is not appropriate and you do it, you’ll be thought of as someone who doesn’t know how to behave in a civil manner.

That can affect the way people view you in the future. It can impact their personal and professional relationship with you. For example, if you’re known as a person who tends to burp out loud repeatedly at formal events, some people may think twice before inviting you to certain events at which civil behavior is required.

What Should You Do If You Burped Aloud at Work in the Past?

If you’ve burped loudly at work in the past, you’ve probably gotten weird looks. If you did it without realizing that it was rude, you can change your behavior.

By changing your behavior, you’ll also change the way that you’re perceived. People will notice if you stop burping loudly while you’re at lunch with them or on other occasions. After a while, they’ll come to understand that this higher standard of behavior is the new norm for you.

Society is kept together through norms of behavior that allow people to get along. For example, people try to speak to each other in civil tones so as not to create conflict.

In a similar way, people avoid burping out loud at work because the sound is considered offensive. In fact, since in a professional environment you’re connected with all the people through your skills and not your values, it’s important to realize that you may not all share the same values.

Since you don’t know what other people might truly think is appropriate or inappropriate, it’s often better to err on the side of caution. Coworkers who are offended may let that influence their decisions about promotions and even who they want to represent them at external meetings.

Some coworkers might think that if you burp loudly around them without thinking that anyone would be offended, you would be just as inconsiderate around business partners. It makes you come across as being unaware of the needs of others.

It also makes it seem as if you don’t think things through. A simple act like burping loudly could put a client off. Any type of perceived rudeness can change the tone of a sales meeting. [2]

Isn’t Burping Normal Behavior?

Burping is normal physical behavior, except in cases where a person suffers from chronic burping. [3] However, so is releasing gas from the digestive system through the anus. Many people refer to that as passing wind. However, it’s not considered polite when people pass wind in a way that’s noisy and draws attention.

It’s possible to burp without making everyone around you aware that you’re doing it. All-natural urges can be controlled.

For example, many people will excuse themselves if they feel the need to pass wind and they don’t want to cause offense to those around them. They’ll step away on some pretext and do what they need to do.

When they return to the group, they do so having avoided causing offense or creating a bad impression of themselves. Similarly, many people have learned to pass air gently from their esophagus without making a sound.

If you notice that you seem to be burping more often than you think you should, it’s a good idea to visit a doctor. Sometimes excessive burping is caused by problems in the digestive system.

There are also certain foods that tend to cause burping. For example, carbonated beverages usually make people burp a lot. If you find that some foods affect you in that way and you know you’ll be in a situation where it would be considered rude to burp aloud, consider decreasing your consumption of those foods.

Is It Rude to Burp Loudly When You’re Traveling Overseas?

Burping aloud is generally considered rude right around the world. People have misconceptions about countries in which burping is acceptable. They think that it’s okay to burp as loudly as you can in some countries because that shows that you appreciate the meal that you’ve just had.

It’s always a good idea to double-check with your host, travel companions, or other trusted sources about social norms when you’re traveling overseas. You may find that you’re trying to impress other diners with your loud burp and you end up offending several people at the table.

Asia is one of the places that’s associated with using burping as a sign of appreciation for a delicious meal. However, that doesn’t mean that if Asian people visit you in your home or business place, you should burp loudly at the meal. Find out what that person thinks about burping and don’t make assumptions that could cause offense.

Say Excuse Me

If you step on someone’s toe accidentally, you will usually say that you’re sorry. In the same way, if you’re at a social event and you burp aloud unintentionally, it’s a good idea to apologize immediately.

Apologize quickly and you’ll save yourself and others from embarrassment. However, if you take too long or wait until you’re prompted by a look from someone else, you’ll come across as neglectful of social norms.


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