How to Deal with Co-Workers Who Complain About You

how to deal with co-workers who complain about you

It’s one of the drawbacks of working with other people: complaining. People are always complaining about something. People will complain about the weather, family, sports teams, and bosses (but not when the boss is around!). The challenge is when your co-workers start to complain about you. Deal openly and politely with co-workers who complain about … Read more

How to Gracefully Remove Yourself from a Project

How to gracefully remove yourself from a project

Gracefully removing yourself from a project is possible, and the others involved will continue with it. There are personal and professional projects you may find you just can’t be involved with. To remove yourself from a project, you should inform the rest of the team members as early as possible. State the reasons as far … Read more

Letting A Client Know That Extra Work Costs More

Politely letting client know that extra work costs more

There are times when clients will ask you to take on extra work for them. It is important to politely and professionally let them know the extra work will cost more if you can take it on. If your workload doesn’t allow it, respectfully decline so you don’t drop the ball with other clients. To … Read more

How Do You Deal with a Contractor That Does Not Show Up?

How do you deal with a contractor that does not show up

It is upsetting when a contractor doesn’t show up as scheduled. Before you get too upset, give them the benefit of the doubt. Did something serious come up? Is there an emergency situation? Perhaps they made a scheduling mistake and dropped the ball. This doesn’t mean the contractor won’t make good on it, but there … Read more

Should You Be Home When Contractors Are Working?

should you be home when contractors are working

When contractors are at work at home, you like to make sure that you can support them as much as possible in getting the job done and be available for questions. At the same time, you don’t want to be in their way. You don’t have to be home when contractors are on the job, … Read more

How to Politely Ask for a Clarification

How do you politely ask for a clarification

We’ve all been there: a long meeting, an intense lecture, a complicated sales presentation. Sometimes we zone out, but sometimes we just don’t understand. Either way, there is a high probability that you’ve been in a conversation where you need clarification. For many people, asking for clarification is incredibly embarrassing, while others may find themselves … Read more

How To Say Good Morning Professionally

How to Say Good Morning Professionally

Something like saying good morning might look like a simple thing, but how you say it matters. The way you say good morning in a professional setting is different from the way you do in an informal conversation. Your good morning greeting should be motivational and confident in a professional setting. A good example would … Read more

Sample Responses to Congratulations for Accepting a Job Offer

Sample Responses to Congratulations for Accepting a Job Offer

When a person gets and accepts a job offer, congratulatory messages begin to come around. Whether it’s from friends, family, colleagues, or your bosses, you’ll receive messages congratulating you on accepting a job offer. The big question is how one should respond to such messages? Congratulations on your new job via email or messenger apps … Read more

How to Answer a Query for Not Meeting Your Target at Work

How to Answer a Query for Not Meeting Your Target at Work

Uh-oh. Ever received an email like this, at work? “I did not receive the reports for quarters 1 and 2. When do you expect they will be completed?” Or, how about: “Your target for this quarter was to make 400 calls. I only see evidence of 275. Please explain.” Someone’s in trouble, and it’s you. … Read more

[Udemy Review] Communication Fundamentals: How To Communicate Better

Communication Fundamentals: How To Communicate Better

To be successful in today’s ultra-competitive business landscape you need to be able to communicate effectively. We’re not just talking about public speaking here, either. No, we mean knowing exactly how to craft your messages to your audience so that they have the biggest and most influential impact. We mean identifying the communication style of … Read more

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