How to Tell Someone You Don’t Need Their Help Anymore

How to Tell Someone You Don't Need Their Help Anymore

The most effective way to tell somebody that you don’t need their help anymore is to be straightforward and clear – and also sensitive. This is because the circumstances behind the necessity for the conversation are all unique and are all dependant on the nature of the help and the requirements of the person providing … Read more

How to Ask for Baby Shower Gifts

How Do You Ask for Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are a beautiful American tradition that started during the baby boomer phenomenon beginning in the late 1940s. Presents are integral to this festivity. But, how do you ask for baby shower gifts? When asking for a baby shower gift, avoid a direct request for a product. Ask for gift cards from select stores, … Read more

How To Ask For Gift Cards On An Invitation

how do you ask for gift cards on an invitation

Whenever you’re planning to host a birthday party or any other type of celebration, it’s likely that your guests may want to carry gifts with them. If you prefer to choose your own gifts, you should ask for a gift card. Place your request at the bottom of the invitation or bring it up in … Read more

How To Politely Tell Someone You Can’t Understand Their Accent

how to politely tell someone you can't understand their accent

There are thousands of languages in the world, which means that the different accents can lead to misunderstandings in communication. If you don’t understand an interlocutor’s accent, there are many ways to politely point it out without offending them. Make eye contact and use polite words to foster a positive experience between you and the … Read more

How To Wish Someone Good Luck In Court

how to wish someone good luck in court

Every once in a while, we all end up having to go to the courtroom. Either to appear as part of the proceedings or to show support for friends and family. In the latter case, it’s natural to want to wish someone luck. Knowing how to wish someone good luck in court isn’t as simple … Read more

How To Politely Tell Someone To Stop Humming

How do you politely tell someone to stop humming?

When someone is humming around you, the noise can quickly become so annoying that you can’t think straight anymore. Of course, you don’t want to be a killjoy, but sometimes it’s just too much, and you have to ask the person to stop humming. Some ways to politely ask someone to stop humming are: say … Read more

How To Ask A Photographer For Prices

how to ask a photographer for prices

When hunting around for a photographer, you’ll quickly come to find that not all of them are forthcoming about their prices. For whatever reason, they choose not to make the cost of their services public. So, you’ll have to ask the photographer about it. For a photographer to give you a price quote, they need … Read more

The Complete Guide on Politely Quitting a Club

how to politely quit a club

Throughout your membership in every club, you form bonds and relationships with your fellow members. It can be tough leaving them, especially if they treated you nicely. Nevertheless, circumstances sometimes make it necessary or desirable for you to leave the club. But how can you politely quit a club? The first person you should notify … Read more

How To Politely Decline An Apartment Offer

how to politely decline an apartment

Finding your dream home may be associated with intense emotions. You may want to move in immediately without a second thought. The neighborhood, location, and amenities were just everything you have always wanted. You have already communicated to the landlord about your intention to move in. And the rental offer is underway. Everything went well … Read more

How To Ask For Cigarettes [Most Common Scenarios]

what do you say when you ask for cigarettes

Being a smoker, it must be very uncomfortable for you to be in a situation where it is hard to get a cigarette, but you can’t help looking out for one. You might be somewhere at a party with no department store to get a pack, or you ran out of money so wishing to … Read more