How Do You Respond To Being Called A Simp?

Calling someone a Simp is not the least bit creative and, strictly speaking, not even a real insult. So, if you have been called a Simp by whomever, don’t waste too much energy to respond. The person in question will most likely not understand what you are saying anyway.

If the name Simp does not affect you personally, simply ignore the statement. If the statement does affect you somewhat, it is best to respond with irony by saying, for example, “That’s why your mother always calls me Daddy!”

The intended meaning and its history

A Simp is someone who tries way too hard to romantically win the affection of someone else. Furthermore, the word means that passion and caring acts are one-sided and that the recipient will most likely be left wanting more.

The word is now mainly used in the sense of streaming. Viewers will donate money to their favorite stars on large platforms like Twitch. The Simps are accused of doing this merely as a favor to female streamers.

According to online culture, certain people need praise in the form of money or other gifts from mysterious women on the Internet, even though they are unworthy of glorification.

The lover, on the other hand, believes the relationship is genuine and seeks to attract attention with pleasant remarks, presents, or money.

Men, in particular, are willing to spend money on exclusive content from female influencers, as the platform OnlyFans proves.

Rethink the meaning of Simp

So, a Simp is someone nice without receiving a foreseeable benefit in return. This is simply the definition of politeness.

Of course, it’s different when money is paid to virtual stars, but if this happens without an expected return service, such as just to support the entertainment formats, there’s nothing wrong with that alone.

Otherwise, it has always been possible to compliment the opposite sex – even in the form of gifts, such as flowers or a dinner invitation. Nevertheless, it was and is completely normal that no claims can be derived from this. Such an approach can, of course, be rejected.

One should not insult someone for their politeness, even if this may seem naive from the outside.

From this point of view, the term Simp is meant as an insult, but it does not hurt anyone and therefore gives little reason to get upset about it or to have to defend it desperately. After all, you are just being nice.

Eventually the term will disappear from the vocabulary similar to the internet term ‘lol’.

Example comebacks to being called Simp

If you need a quick counter to the term Simp, use one of these phrases. They are a mixture of ironic, factual, and disinterested remarks.

“Thanks, Normie!”

“That’s why your mom calls me daddy!”

“Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!”

“It takes a Simp to appreciate a Simp.”

“That’s what SHE said.”

“There’s a difference between being polite and having a $5k OnlyFans bill.”

“Speaking from experience?”

“Nice people are not a problem!”

“Everybody likes the SIMPsons!”

Ignore them

The term Simp gained its greatest notoriety through “Poloboy” on TikTok. Shortly thereafter, more and more users on social media picked up the term.

Over time, Simp was used more and more often and heavily as an insult in the comment sections of these platforms.

As this all gained increasing momentum, the platform Twitch, for example, decided to ban the term and the associated emojis from its platform.

Since that time at the latest, the term Simp has been perceived as an insult by most people and should therefore not be used. Not even ironically!

In this case, you are welcome to take an example from the big platforms and ignore any comments with this word.

Is it rude to call someone Simp?

The way the term Simp is used by the majority is an insult and rude.

Even if it is meant harmlessly, the likelihood that the other person will find it rude is extremely high.

If you feel that there is a reason to call another person’s attention to their behavior, please do so in a more tactful manner.

First, explain how the situation affects them and what negative effects you observe in the other person as a result. Give room for answers and listen carefully. Try to get your point of view across in the dialogue without appearing patronizing.

What is a female Simp?

A female Simp would show the same behavior as her male counterpart, i.e. one-sidedly courteous and adoring.

The term Simp is mainly used for men who adore female streamers.

The underlying message is that women are in a better position when it comes to choosing a partner and would therefore only very rarely get the opportunity to unilaterally adore a boy. Of course, the whole issue only applies to areas in which men are in the majority anyway, such as streaming computer games or technical courses of study.

Women can therefore display the same behavioral patterns as a Simp.

However, since this usually happens outside the online communities described here, they are more commonly referred to as stalkers in such cases.