How to Respond to “I Love You More”

When someone says they love you more, it is endearing and shares they care about you very much. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable when someone says that to you, they aren’t trying to start an argument. Instead, they are trying to make sure you know how deep their feelings are for you.

The best answer to “I love you more” is a combination of words and actions. For example, telling your partner: “I am so lucky you love me like that,” followed by a big kiss.

The relationship you have with such an individual is important to you, it isn’t casual. After all, you are saying I love you to them before they respond with I love you more! That isn’t something you would say to just anyone! It is a powerful statement and their reply is an attempt to match it.

Body Language

Sometimes, the best reply to I love you more is with body language. There are many ways you can share with someone how much this means to you, without any words involved.

They will get the message loud and clear when you do so. That can be an amazing response that assures them you do love them as they love you.

What to do:

  • Smile!
  • Look them in the eyes and then hug them tightly.
  • Give them a passionate kiss.
  • Squeeze their hand.

Give a Loving and Sincere Reply

That is a very nice thing for someone to say to you, and hopefully, you will reciprocate. Give them a loving and sincere reply. It will encourage them to continue to talk to you in such a way. Expressing love both verbally and through your actions is important for a relationship.

What to Say:

“I bet I love you way more, but I am glad you love me as you do!”

“Thank you for loving me as you do and never being afraid to show it.”

“That is the best thing I have heard all day, and I won’t forget you said it to me.”

“I am so lucky you love me like that.”

“You can’t beat me, not when it comes to how much I love you.”

“I am crazy about you. Much love!

“I love you the most.”

“Never for a moment do I take you or the way you love me for granted.”

Playful Banter

When someone says I love you more, it can be a chance for some playful banter.

Many couples enjoy engaging in such conversations. They are light and fun, and they can still convey the seriousness of the topic – which is the mutual love you have for each other.

What to Say:

“Is that a challenge? I guess I will have to work on proving how much I love you.”

“Okay, you win, and since you love me so much you won’t mind doing the dinner dishes right?”

“No, I love YOU more. End of conversation, I win!”

“Oh, you do? What is it that you love about me so much?

“I guess if we are going to argue, who loves each other more is a great topic for that!”

“I know (and follow it up with a great smile)!”

“That isn’t possible.”

“I love you more than infinity.”

“What’s not to love? Lol.”

Romantic Letter

In the moment, you may be caught off guard when someone says they love you more. Yet you reflect on it more and more as the days go by. This can be a grand opportunity to write a romantic letter to them.

Tell them how much you love them, why you love them, and what you specifically love about them. Often, it is the little things that add up to be meaningful.

What to Say:

“It is hard to put into words how much I love you. I think about you and us all the time, and it puts a smile on my face.”

“I love you so much, and these are just a few of the many reasons why (make a list).”

“There are so many things I love about you, but it is the attention to the small things that mean so much. You always make sure I am taken care of and I have what I need. I love you so much for always making me feel safe and secure.”

“Our relationship is everything to me, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. Such love is hard to find, and I am thankful for you every single day.”

“I can’t imagine my life without you in it. No matter what my day holds, I know at the end of it you will be the person I belong with.”

Thoughts for the Future

When you love someone and they reciprocate that love in such a way, it is easy to think about the future. What does it hold for you? Some thoughts on that can be a good reply back to I love you more. It certainly gives you both something to think about.

The quality of a relationship matters, and telling them how you feel about them is a huge part of keeping it thriving.

What to Say:

“I hope you still love me that much when we are both old and gray!”

“I have been thinking for some time now about the possibility of us moving in together when your lease is up. We can keep my larger place or we can look for a new place together for us to live in. What do you think?”

“It makes me happy to love you and have you love me so much! I know that will carry us through anything that comes along in our lives.

“I hope the love we feel for each other never diminishes. I want it to get stronger as the years go by.”

“It is comments like that from you that make me want to stay with you forever!”

“I love you more than life itself, and never want to think about a future when you aren’t a part of it.”

“I love you more than anything or anyone. I hope you realize how special you are to me.”

“Good thing I have the rest of our lives to prove you are wrong!”

“Your heart would burst if you were able to love me more than the love I have for you.”

“Will you still love me like that when I am old with wrinkles?”

Show Your Appreciation to Them

Kindness, respect, and love are all vital parts of a healthy relationship. When someone says they love you more, it doesn’t mean they feel like you don’t love them! However, it can be a time to take inventory of how you show your appreciation to them.

Thank them for the small things, listen when they speak, and encourage them to follow their dreams and goals. When you show you appreciate them, it helps the love to flourish.

What to Say:

“I love all you do, and I am so proud of you. I am in awe of how you balance it all and still make time for our relationship.”

“Thank you, that kind of love is what I have always searched for. I am not sure how I got lucky enough for us to be together, but I am so thankful for you.”

“I hope you know that I appreciate you very much. I am grateful for all you do for us and our relationship.”

“The way you take care of things and pay attention to details is amazing to me. I know you are always here for me and it lightens the load. There is no one else I would rather share all the highs and lows with.”

“Saying I love you doesn’t even come close to how I feel about you. I fall harder and harder for you all the time. I still smile when I see you and miss you when we are apart. It is always worth it when we reconnect with each other.”

Endearing Part of the Relationship

It sounds amazing when someone says I love you more! This can become an endearing part of the relationship between the two of you. When they say it, you say it back. When they say they love you, then you say you love them more. It can be an inside way you both show your love for each other that is more than just occasional use of the statement.

What to Say:

“I love you more, and there is nothing more you can say!”

“I love you more, and that will never change.”

“I love you more… more than I did yesterday and I will continue to love you more over time.”

“No, I love you more, it isn’t possible to love anyone more than I love you!”

“With a love like this, we don’t need anything more!”

“The love I have for you knows no end, no bounds, and it is uniquely ours.”

“My heart skips a beat when you tell me that.”

“I am forever yours. No one else will ever compare to you.”

“I feel bad for people who don’t share a love like ours.”