How To Say Good Luck To A Hunter?

When a hunter goes out to hunt, he will be appreciative to hear some good and positive things before he goes off.

He also needs the motivation to be able to boast afterward that he caught the largest boar, or shot down a most finicky antler.

To wish a hunter good luck it’s best to push their self-confidence and to underline that you wish them all the best, for example by saying: “Not really that you need it, but I wish you the best of luck in your hunt!” 

Example phrases to wish a hunter good luck

Here are some of the best things you can say to a hunter to wish them luck:

“Shoot well!”

“Best of luck!”

“May your arrows (or bullets) fly true!”

“Have fun! An unlucky day hunting still beats a good day working.”

“Blessings on your hunt!”

“My thoughts and prayers are with you as you hunt.”

“I know you’ll do great!”

“I know it won’t be easy, but knowing you, you’re up to the challenge!”

“I would just like you to know that I believe in you.”

“I hope you’re feeling good and confident about your hunt.”

“I expect you’re bringing home a big bounty!”

“Break a leg!”

“You’ll do great!”

“Fingers crossed!”

“Hit that fat kid!”

Hey Buddy, that sounds great! Wishing you good and safe hunting!”

“We do know that your happiness comes from your warm 12-inch gauge. Go on, have fun!

“You’ve got game!”

“I expect you to bring home a nice rack (this refers to tines of antlers which are made into coat racks).”

“Don’t come back home from the hunting grounds until you’ve bagged some big tines (again, this refers to the pointed branches of an antler).”

Hunting words to say when you’re invited to a hunt (when you’re not a hunter)

Do you have a relative or a client who has invited you to a hunting trip? He is a true hunter, but you… you don’t know anything about hunting?

Here are some hunting terminologies so that you’ll flow with the hunting crowd:

Baldie: A deer, such as a fawn or a doe, which doesn’t have antlers.

Bawl: A terrifying shriek that a deer makes when afraid or injured.

Blow or Snort: The nasal noise that a deer does to alert other deer about danger in the surroundings. Often, the deer raises its white tail while snorting.

Boogering: Some stupid fool in the hunting group makes unnecessary noise and would spook the game and spoil the fun.

Boone and Crockett Club: Founded by Theodore Roosevelt in 1887, it is a wildlife conservation club. It has this whitetail scoring system which is the approved standard for trophy deer by hunters. Among the things accounted for to gain points are the antler pattern, tine length, total points, beam circumference, and spread width. You might say: “That’s a large deer worthy for the Boone and Crockett Club!”.

Ground Shrinkage: It’s when you approach a bagged buck and you suddenly noticed it’s much smaller in size than it showed from the blind. It’s that disappointed hunter feeling that the animal you bagged isn’t worthy because of the puny Boone and Crockett score it earned for you.

Wall Hanger: A big deer that you’ve caught that’s going to look nice as a wall rack to display prominently in your cabin.

Hunting prayers

Aside from saying good things to a hunter before he goes, why not say a little hunting prayer with him.

Here are some samples:

“Lord we love the great outdoor environment, as we also enjoy the whole great world which belongs to all of us. We are in gratitude for the fields and streams because they are every hunter’s haven. Lord, we are all blessed to be your children. Protect my friend as he goes out unto the wild. Today, we ask and pray that he will have a bountiful day. Amen.”

“We pray that your sight be straight and your aim will be true, we pray that the game you pursue will feel no pain, we thank you Lord for this land where we hunt, we thank you for the sights from where we stand, we pray for your safety, and one and all.”

Hunting superstitions

  • There’s this superstition of hunters wherein they wear one of 3 lucky hats when they are pursuing a trophy animal. They keep on wearing that hat until they feel they’ve run out of their luck.
  • If you are in the process of pursuing an animal, and you discovered to your dismay, that there is money in your pocket, it should be thrown into the bush quickly. This is to avoid it from cursing the hunt.
  • Hunters keep their very first spent cartridge and recovered bullet in a small spirit bag or container. Other hunters also keep their prized elk ivories for good luck.
  • Hunters say a subtle thank you, in gratitude, before pulling the trigger. It shows they respect the animals they hunt and also shows respect for the supernatural being that brought hunters and game together.
  • In Tanzania, when you hunt and you see a black snake, it should be left on its own. It is a good omen and if somebody hurts it, the hunt will be cursed.
  • In South Africa, small green turtles are the worst omen of misfortune on a hunt.

What are some things you should know about the traits of hunters?

Toilet humor is quite a joy for hunters. While the ladies do expect this kind of revelation and it is not quite shocking to them, toilet humor is rampant in hunting grounds.

While on the hunt, the gentlemen grab their much-needed Guy Time.

With no sensitive girls present, anything goes out of their mouths. They get great laughs from their jokes which they repeat hundreds of times, but they get to relax and retain their sanity.

In this respect, it is very different from other men’s hobbies, such as poker, where it is similarly tricky to find the right words when wishing someone good luck.

Hunters are very spiritual and reflective. This is a pleasant revelation. Imagine, they experience the woods all by their lonesome, or with their buddies. But all of them are cooperative in their stealth and quietness while pursuing their game.

Look at this situation. A deer is walking within a few feet from a hunter’s hiding spot. Because the hunter is skilled in the art of stealth, the deer is completely unaware that he is right there near him.

He witnesses a lot of natural and beautiful things that the deer does. It eats acorns, looks around, and sniffs on the ground looking for more food. He waits for the opportune time to pull the trigger.

Statistics and trivia about hunters and hunting

In 2019, the number of eager enthusiasts of hunting counts more than 15 million Americans. And in a survey by a natural resources research firm, 80 percent of all Americans are in favor of hunting while 12 percent are against all forms of hunting.

Hunters are ironically conservationists. They are directly the reasons why many game and non-game animals that were nearly extinct, were restored to reasonable quantities of mating populations.

This is because hunters spend millions, and a chunk of what they spend on their equipment goes to state wildlife agencies, which in turn, protect and preserve the game and non-game species.

Hunters are also known to eat their game. Wild animals are known to be free of additives, healthy, and also taste delicious. It’s a fact that only 3 percent of Americans are vegetarians, which means that the great majority eats meat.

The people who don’t hunt, get their meat from the grocery store. But they don’t have what the hunters have – a direct relationship with their food and also a special link with the land that supplied these animals.

How do you thank a hunter?

The hunter is satisfied with his hunt. He brings home the bounty. And one of the beneficiaries is you.

He might share the meat with you. Or he will provide you with souvenirs from the hunt like some nice-looking antler tines. They would serve you well as a coat rack.

You could say:

“Thank you very much for sharing your bounties from the earth. You are so kind. I will appreciate this forever.”