How to Accept an Invitation Informally

An informal invitation is still an invitation, and you should reply to it accordingly.

Not everyone has the time or the money to mail out formal invitations, but that doesn’t lessen the fact that they are hosting an event they wish for you to attend.

To accept informal invitations, do it in the same way you were invited. On social media platforms, a click is often enough, otherwise tell in the conversation that you will attend. Open questions should also be addressed at this moment.

Reply in the Same Manner You Were Asked

To simplify the matter, you should reply in the same manner you were asked.

If you aren’t sure at the moment if you can attend, you can choose to reply back to them later. They may verbally invite you, send you a text, send an email, or even send you an invitation through social media such as Facebook.

Your reply should indicate that you plan to attend. This helps them complete their event plans for an anticipated number of people. They need to organize food, drinks, and perhaps seating so letting them know you plan to attend will help them to be on target with those estimations.

No matter which format you use to respond to them, make sure you are friendly in your response as well as timely.

Thank Them for the Invite

Always thank them for inviting you to attend their event. Then you can proceed to let them know you will be there. You can keep it simple or you can send them a short paragraph as a reply. This is perfect for email or text invitations.

If you are face to face or on the phone, chat for a bit with them and make sure that the discussion includes telling them you will be attending.

For social media such as Facebook, your options are often already determined. You can select attending, not attending, or interested. You can choose interested while you check on your plans for the date and then change your selection to attending or not attending based on your availability.

What to Say:

“I would love to come to your surprise party for Frank on Saturday. See you all then, I think he will be really surprised to see all of us!”

“Thank you for the invite, I can’t wait to see you.”

“It is going to be fun; I appreciate you inviting us.”

“Thank you for the invitation, I am already looking forward to the dinner party.”

“Wow, that is great news. It means a lot to me that you are including me in something so special.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything, counting down the days!”

Let Them Know You Are Excited to Attend

Never give the impression you feel obligated to attend something you are invited to.

They are excited to host the event, and they want to feel like you are excited to be involved in those memories. Let them know you are excited to be invited and looking forward to attending!

What to Say:

“Your message made my day, I am beyond excited for you and so happy to be able to celebrate with you.”

“We will be at the graduation party, your hard work and dedication to achieve this is an inspiration to us all.”

“I can’t believe your daughter is 16 already! We have loved her being part of our lives since she was born. We are so thrilled to be part of a sweet sixteen party for her, it is going to be something she always remembers.”

“Wow, the years have flown by and now you are retiring. This is going to be a great party and the start of new adventures for you. I can’t wait to see your pictures and hear stories of your travels now that you have the time to go anywhere you please.”

“We are happy to accept your dinner invitation and look forward to seeing you again soon.”

Who Is Invited?

In opposite to a formal invitation, one thing on your mind may be who is invited. That can be tricky, and you never want to assume. Is the invite just for you? Does it include your significant other? Are children welcome?

If the person knows you well enough to invite you to the event, then you should feel comfortable asking them if the details aren’t shared.

This may also be part of your acceptance letter.

What to Say:

“I would love to come, but unclear from your email if this invite is just for me or for my family too?”

“I have it on my calendar and I look forward to it. Am I able to bring a date to this or it is just for those personally invited?

“Is this just for adults or for children too? I definitely want to attend but unclear if I need to schedule childcare to do so. Thanks!”

“I plan to be there, but curious about how many people you are inviting? Is it going to be a small affair or a large event?”

Ask Any Questions You May Have

Don’t hesitate to ask questions before you accept any informal invite.

Hopefully, the host is offering as much detail as possible but if you have any lingering questions get them answered in advance. You don’t want to assume anything and feel uneasy when you arrive. Get it all clarified in advance.

What to Say:

“Is there a dress code for this event? I didn’t see anything about it in the invite.”

“Will there be a meal served or should we plan on eating before we arrive?”

“Can you provide the address for that venue? I don’t see the details for it.”

“Do you know the parking situation in that part of town as I am not familiar with it? Trying to decide if I should drive my vehicle or rely on public transportation.”

Offer to Help or Bring Something to the Event

You always have the option of offering to help with the event or bringing something to the event. The host may appreciate that!

If you wish to do so, ask at the moment you accept the informal invitation.

What to Say:

“Would you like me to come early and help you set up?”

“It sounds like fun; I will plan to stay afterward to help with cleaning up if you don’t already have a plan in place for that.”

“Is there anything I can bring for food or entertainment?”