How Do You Say “Nice To Meet You” Over The Phone

Talking to someone by phone may be necessary due to schedule or location conflicts. You can still share with them that it was nice to meet them, so to speak, even though the visit was over the phone.

No matter what the relationship is or the possibility of it growing, let them know you are happy to talk to them. Share a message that you did enjoy engaging with them and meeting them, e.g., “I had a great time talking with you today. Thanks a lot!”

It isn’t silly at all to do this over the phone. It is a form of good manners and can open the door to a future relationship with them if both of you would like to see that materialize.

Do your best to communicate you appreciate their time and that you enjoyed the visit. It may lead to an in-person visit down the road!

Say it and Mean it!

Don’t be shy to say nice to meet you over the phone. The person on the other end of the line will get the meaning of what you say to them. They know things have changed due to technology and time restraints.

Since this is the first time you have met them, don’t let the technicality of the method stand in the way of telling them you were delighted to talk to them!

You are meeting them for the first time, and it doesn’t have to be in person to be meaningful.

You may like the phone call better because you don’t have to worry about what to wear, appearing nervous, eye contact, or other issues that arise when you meet someone in person for the first time. The phone call may put you both at ease to freely talk.

Start your call with some kind words!

What to Say:

“I am so glad to get to meet you today and talk for a bit. I know it is hard with our different locations but excited that we are both willing to find a way to make it work for us.”

“Meeting you today by phone wasn’t my first choice, but I understand it was the only option. I appreciate your willingness to talk with me today and it was so nice to finally meet you!”

“Meeting you today was so nice; everyone has shared such good things about you with me. I am happy to say I feel the same way. You make it easy to communicate and get the tasks completed, I appreciate that.”

“It was so nice to meet you, even if it is over the phone. I hope this will be the first of many conversations the two of us have.”

“I hope you feel that today was productive, I am glad I got to meet you and talk today. Do you have any questions? Would you like to schedule a follow-up call for next week?”

Thank them for their Time

Time is a precious commodity, and many of us run short of it daily. Don’t waste someone’s time when you talk on the phone.

Be polite, and friendly, and take care of what needs to be done if it is a business call. If you are calling someone for a date or other reason, let the conversation flow naturally.

Always thank someone for their time. Be sincere with this as it shows them you matter, and it shares you understand their time is limited.

If you have a given time slot for a business call, make sure you have a timer handy, so you don’t cause them to be late for their next scheduled call.

Thanking someone for their time and sharing it was nice to meet them will help them feel appreciated. They may not remember everything about that phone call, but they will remember you were polite. They will remember how you made them feel and it will provide them with some self-gratification in most instances.

What to Say:

“I know you are busy, but I am glad you took some time out of your day to talk with me. It has been my pleasure talking to you for a bit today.”

“Thank you for answering my questions, I appreciate you taking the time to do so. It will help me make an informed decision about the matter.”

“I enjoyed our conversation today. Can I review what we discussed and reach out to you again next week? I would like to talk about it more with you.”

“My anxiety about the situation is far less now that we spoke. I appreciate you giving me the details about it to help me work through it.”

“I look forward to working with you; I know you have a full schedule. Hopefully this talk today will be the start of a great working relationship between us!”

Convey you Enjoyed Talking to them

No one wants to feel like talking to you was a waste of time or something you didn’t enjoy. They may go over the conversation in their head after you hang up. They may wish they had said this or not said that.

When you convey to them before you hang up that you enjoyed talking to them, it can put their mind at ease about all of it.

Always end any phone call on a positive note. Don’t be in a rush to hang up. When you tell them, you did enjoy talking to them, they will be encouraged to do so again.

It can boost their self-esteem, give them a positive outlook, and motivate them to take action based on what you discussed in that call.

What to Say:

“I had a great time talking with you today; can we do it again soon?”

“It was very comfortable discussing this with you. I hope we can talk more about it later on.”

“I was nervous to call you, but I am glad I did. I really enjoyed our conversation and I hope you did too!”

“It has brightened my day and lightened my mood to get a chance to speak to you. I wish we could have done so long ago!”

“I can’t believe our meeting time is almost up. It sure did fly but I want you to know it was wonderful speaking to you today and getting to know you.”

In-Person Meeting

If you are in awe of the person you spoke to on the phone, it may be a stepping stone to an in-person meeting. It may be something you share with them before you hang up on the call.

Let them know you enjoyed talking to them so much you would be open to meeting them in person.

You can suggest a location, or you can keep it open-ended and perhaps call them later on to extend an invite.

If an in-person meeting isn’t in the cards, see about taking it to the next level. Video calls are very common for work, job interviews, relationships, and even dating these days. It can be fun to see the other person on the screen rather than just hearing their voice.

Don’t be shy about asking for an in-person meeting or a video meeting with them if you would like to see the relationship grow.

What to Say:

“It was really great talking to you, and I would love to meet for coffee sometime to talk in person. I know a lovely shop if you would like to meet me there one afternoon next week.”

“I have so many options I would like to show you in person. Would it be possible to continue this conversation at your office or mine where I can present them to you?”

“I have been blown away talking to you and I hope it isn’t too forward to ask to meet you in person?”

“I hope to get to talk to you again soon and would love for us to meet up in person if our paths cross the same direction.”

I would be delighted to see you in person sometime. We have so much in common I would love to continue our conversation face to face at some point.”

Nice Talking to you

If you don’t feel comfortable saying it was nice to meet you when you talk to someone on the phone, avoid saying it.

You can use other lines such as it was nice talking to you or I felt really comfortable opening up to you.

The goal is to let them know it was a positive experience for you and to thank them for being a part of it.

What to Say:

“Talking to you was nice, and I got all the information I needed during our conversation.”

“I was able to talk to you without feeling nervous. You put me at ease from the start and I appreciate your kindness and attentiveness. It was really nice talking to someone like that.”

“I wasn’t sure how I would feel calling you and was nervous leading up to it. I am glad I did, and I had a great time visiting with you and getting to know about you.”

“Meeting new people is exciting, and I feel like we really clicked. It was the highlight of my day to get a chance to talk to you.”

“I wish we had more time to talk; it has been so enjoyable to do so.”