How Do You Say “I Am Waiting For Approval”

Customers want a fast and efficient solution to a problem or a request. You may not have the authority to approve what they ask for. There are effective ways to let them know you are waiting for approval. This can be done professionally, and it also conveys a message you are working hard to assist them with a positive outcome.

Each business has its protocols on how to handle this. The chain of command is important. There are too many variables with customer service to always have the answer. You can’t overstep your policies, but there can be exceptions to such rules. They often require someone higher up to review and authorize the request.

Most customers understand that it may take you a while to get approval and give them more information. Explain your approach and when you expect a response; so your customer doesn’t get the impression that you’re just trying to brush them off.

Placing Them on Hold

Customers often get upset being placed on hold. However, it can be a viable solution for getting them further assistance.

Typically, they won’t mind if the hold time is brief and you share with them you would like to place them on hold so you can try to get their request approved. Always ask them if they are ok with this being done.

What to Say:

“I will be happy to check on that for you with my supervisor. Do you mind if I place you on a brief hold while I talk to them?”

“I am sorry but I don’t have the authority to approve that for you. Can I place your call on hold to get a supervisor?”

“Your call is important to us, but I need to get additional help with this before we can authorize it. The best solution is to put you on hold while I look into it. Would you mind waiting for me to check into it?”

“I apologize for placing you on hold, but that gives me an opportunity to talk to management and see what we can do for you.”

“I need a minute to talk to my boss about this. I can place you on hold and be right back on the line with some information.”

Talk to a Supervisor and Return a Call

It isn’t always possible to have a supervisor immediately accessible. They may be helping other employees with issues at the moment. The situation may take some time to discuss and thoroughly investigate. With such a scenario, you can’t rush the outcome.

Explain to the customer you need some time to go over the issue with your supervisor. Ask for contact information and let them know you will return a call within 24 hours.

What to Say:

“I am sorry I can’t give you the answer you want at this time. I do need to get approval for that to be done. I can talk to my supervisor and we will return a call to you within 24 hours. If we can’t get a solution by then I will call you to get further information or to give you an update.”

“I apologize but my supervisor isn’t available at the moment for me to discuss this. I must have approval to move ahead. Can I get a phone number to call you back at once I have a chance to discuss it with them?”

“We need some time to look at all of the information to resolve this for you. I don’t have the authority to approve it, but can talk to my manager about it. How is the best way to get in touch with you once I have additional information?”

“Resolving this is important to us, and I plan to speak with those above me. We will need to get back to you, is this a good number? I may not be able to talk to them until in the morning and I can’t put this through on my own.”

“Supervisors have the final say on such requests, and I will be glad to pass this along to them so they can try to approve it for you. It can’t be done instantly but we will get back to you the following business day.”

Transferring to a Supervisor

If you know that your supervisor has time for the case at hand, you can also put the person through directly.

What to Say:

“I am unable to handle your request, and I will transfer you to my supervisor so they can further assist you. Can I have your phone number in case the call gets disconnected?”

“Please give me a moment to transfer your call to my manager. They are the only ones that can approve that for you.”

“My supervisor is the only one that can give approval for that. I will get them on the line with us for that to be completed.”

“That request is something I don’t can’t authorize. I can transfer you to a supervisor though for approval.”

“Do I have your permission to transfer you to someone with the ability to do that? I have to get approval for it to go through.”

Need to Talk to Management and Will Reply Back

Ideally, issues should be resolved at the time someone calls in. When possible, place them on hold and talk to a manager or transfer them to your supervisor. That isn’t always something you can do though.

Let them know you will talk to management and reply back. Never promise them anything that you aren’t 100% sure you can follow through with.

What to Say:

“I can try to get a refund issued for you, even though that is outside of our 30 day refund policy. I need to get approval for that, and after I talk to management, I can get back to you. I can’t promise anything but I will check into it for you.”

“I am not sure if we can do that for you, it is something management has to decide. I can talk to them on your behalf and see what solution we can come up with. I will have to call or email you back once I speak to them.”

“This request is a challenge, and one that is outside of my authorization. Management will need to get involved so we can further assist you. They aren’t available right now but I can talk to them tomorrow and get back to you.”

“I need approval to access that information before I can provide any further details. I will discuss the matter with management and we can proceed once I get the approval to do so.”

“For security reasons, only supervisors have access to certain information on accounts. I can escalate your request through them and try to get it approved. It will take some time but we will get back to you in the next few days.”

“I’ve submitted my proposal to the supervisor, but I’m still waiting for approval. In the meantime, I’m exploring other options to make sure we can meet our deadline.”

“I’m waiting for approval from my supervisor on the revised budget, but I haven’t heard back yet. While I’m still waiting, I’m looking into other options to cut costs if needed.”

Email and Follow Up

When support is handled online, email is often the best way to get information and reply back. There are times when you need the approval to do anything further for the customer. Some scenarios are challenging and sometimes customers can be difficult. They believe they should get what they want, and if they push hard enough, it will happen.

Be professional and tell them you will email to follow up with a solution. If you need to get more information, let them know in an email what is required before you can move forward with their request.

Email is a great way to avoid placing customers on hold, to give you time to research an issue, and to talk with a supervisor.

What to Say:

“We appreciate you reaching out to us. We understand your concern and want you to have the best experience. I am forwarding your email to my supervisor and I will follow up with you once they review the request. I need their permission to get that order expedited for you.”

“Our system shows your package delivered with the tracking number provided to the address on file. I will check with my boss about how we handle this. I understand you want a new order sent but I can’t do that without their approval.”

“Every effort has been made to resolve your issue today. I am sorry that we need additional confirmation from a supervisor before we can do anything further. I will follow up with you over the next couple of days with the options we can offer.”

“Thank you for discussing the matter with me today. The outcome is pending the review and decision of my manager. Once they have a chance to review it, we can share that information with you by email.”

“I am sorry you don’t agree with what I have available to you today. I will send this to management to review for you. I don’t know if they can approve something else, but I can’t without their input. Someone will email you by the end of the week.”

“I can’t do anything beyond what I already shared with you. Would you like a supervisor to take a look at the request? They may have a solution they can approve that is beyond what I can do in my position. It may take up to three business days before we can get back to you.”

“I have submitted the proposal, but I am currently waiting for approval. Do you have any idea about the time frame for a decision?”