How to Reply to “Have a Wonderful Time”

When someone says have a wonderful time, they are wishing you the best for something you plan to take part in. This can be a friend, family member, or someone you work with.

How much you share with them often determines when you will hear this type of conversation. It is a polite way for them to tell you they are happy for you and want it to turn out well.

Respond to “Have a Wonderful Time” with a thank you note. You can highlight some details if you know the person well and also offer to tell more about your experiences on occasion.

Those are the types of relationships to continue with, those that have positive vibes and words of encouragement. Such individuals are caring and compassionate, and they sincerely want to see you do something fun or exciting!

They have talked to you about it, listened, and they know this event means something to you. It carries a weight that they comment and tell you to have a wonderful time!


Smile when someone tells you to have a wonderful time! Think about how much fun it is going to be!

That smile will show them you appreciate their sentiment and you are thinking about the upcoming event.

What to Say:

“Thank you, that put a smile on my face! It was nice of you to remember as I have had this vacation scheduled for 2 years now! I can’t believe it is almost time to pack and go!”

“It is going to be nice to do this, it has been part of our bucket list as a couple for as long as I can remember.”

“Thinking about what is taking place this weekend is motivating me to get so much done this week. I want to get away and not think about work or other obligations when the time comes.”

“I needed that reminder; I have been stressed this week getting everything done here and also being ready for our big weekend!”

“You are so thoughtful; my mind keeps wondering what I will be doing a week from now!”

Thank Them for Being Thoughtful

When someone tells you to have a wonderful time, they are thoughtful and compassionate.

They may have their own issues going on, but they are still happy for you and what you have on the agenda. They are genuine and they care about you, this is worth recognizing!

What to Say:

“You are very thoughtful to say that, and I appreciate it! I am very excited and it is nice to know other people like you remember how important this is to me.”

“You are the sweetest, I know I have been talking about it for months now. I can’t contain my excitement. Thanks for being so kind about all of it and for your input when I was putting the plans together.”

“Thank you so much, that is very kind of you.”

“I appreciate that, I plan to have the time of my life!”

“It is amazing you are saying that to me. After all, you are picking up the slack in my absence and that is greatly appreciated!”

Tell Them What You Are Looking Forward to the Most

When someone tells you to have a wonderful time, share with them what you look forward to the most.

This is a great time for you to share your insight with them.

How much you wish to share with them will be influenced by your plans. It will also be influenced by your relationship with the individual.

What to Say:

I am looking forward to some uninterrupted days alone with my spouse. It has been too long since we didn’t have to focus on kids, work, and other responsibilities.”

“We have reservations at this phenomenal restaurant. I bought a new dress to wear that night and it should be spectacular.”

“I am in awe of aquatic life; the diving lessons and snorkeling adventures are going to be something I never forget.”

“There are so many details and so much planning that have gone into this! It is time to watch it all unfold and enjoy the magical creations.”

“It has been almost a decade since I heard, felt, or smelled the ocean! It is going to be the best part of this trip.”

Invite Them to Come Along If Possible

If it is possible, ask them to join you. That isn’t always going to be feasible, but when it is do your best to give a sincere invite to them.

Even if they pass it up, at least they felt welcome to join you.

What to Say:

“Thank you, there is room for you to join us if you would like to. I can pick you up if that helps.”

“It will be a wonderful experience; I am curious if you have ever been. If you are free this weekend, would you like to come along and try it out?”

“I would love you to be part of it with me. What does your schedule look like?”

“I realize it is short notice but any chance you can come too?”

“Would you like to be part of it? The memories we can have of it together will be amazing!”

Extend an Invite to Discuss It Afterwards

When someone tells you to have a wonderful time, extend an invitation to discuss it with them later on. This is especially an option if it isn’t practical to invite them or they have to decline that invite. It is a chance to reconnect later and for you to share your spectacular moments!

Don’t get so caught up with your event though that you don’t ask them how they are doing during your visit!

What to Say:

“When I get back let’s have lunch and I can share the experience with you. I am sure I will have tons of pictures to show you. I want to hear about your husband’s new job too when I see you.”

“Would you like to get coffee with me the following week? I will be busy at work to talk about much there but we can meet earlier before our shift starts.”

“It has been too long since you came over to visit. Come over Thursday for dinner and to enjoy drinks with us. It will be a prime time for me to share my event with you too.”