How to Respond to “Enjoy Your Night”

When someone tells you to enjoy your night, they are sending well wishes in your direction. It could be someone at the store when you checkout, a friend/family member, or someone at work.

On “Enjoy Your Night,” a short response like, “Thank you so much, after this busy week, I’m looking forward to this evening.” is enough. You don’t have to reveal any more details unless you are talking to a good friend.

Your relationship with them can impact how much you say back, but you should always respond with something kind in return. It doesn’t take much to turn this into a conversation if you like. It can be a great way to get to know someone better.

Keep It Short and Simple

If you are in a rush or you don’t really know the person, smile and keep your reply short and simple.

You don’t have to elaborate much if you don’t desire to do so, but always acknowledge that they took the time to say something nice to you.

The world needs more of that in place!

If the person is a stranger or someone at work, you may wish to keep the boundaries in place. You don’t want to tell them you won’t be home for the weekend or anything along those lines.

While most people have good intentions, others may be digging for the information they can use for their own gain. It is best to keep it simple when you don’t know them enough to make that judgment call.

What to Say:

“Thank you, I will.”

“Thanks, that is very kind of you.”

“I plan to!”

“I appreciate that.”

“I intend to.”


“Wishing you the same.”

“It is a beautiful night, so many possible ways to spend it.”

Keep It Lighthearted

You can be playful when someone tells you to enjoy your night. You can keep it lighthearted but offer more than just a simple reply.

A personalized touch with it shares the message that you are trying to connect with them on a level that is beyond politeness or a generic response.

Avoid being negative as the person will wish they had never told you anything at all if you don’t have anything good to say!

Come up with something witty or funny if that is your personality. They will remember you and your reply back if it is unique and unexpected. If they talk to lots of people each day, the way you reply can influence what they think about your character and if they have a desire to get to know you better.

What to Say:

“It is a beautiful night, with the stars shining and a gentle breeze. I plan to spend some time outdoors to enjoy it.”

“Thank you, after the heat of the day I am happy for it to cool down a bit.”

“Time to rest and relax now that the work day is over.”

“I definitely plan to; I get to spend the evening with my family. That time is precious to me.”

“The day was rough, if I don’t fall asleep early, I will make the most of my free time this evening.”

“Wow, it was a rough day but your thoughtfulness is ensuring my evening is better!”

Share Something Exciting You Have Planned

If you know the person well, sharing something exciting with them you have planned is a great response.

They will be eager to hear what you plan to do with your evening, even if it is something simple. The fact that you are excited about it is all that matters to them!

If you know them well, you can share the fine details of what you plan to do and when. Otherwise, keep it basic and share the experience you are excited about but not the specifics of it.

You don’t want anyone showing up where you are unless you have specifically asked them to join you.

What to Say:

“My wife and I are going to try the new Indian restaurant, we have had the reservation for a few weeks and are both looking forward to it.”

“I have waited all month to go see a new movie at the theater. Going to treat the family to the movie and popcorn tonight!”

“I plan to try a new recipe I saw in a magazine. My family will love not eating the same thing again!”

“I am meeting friends I haven’t seen in some time tonight. I am very excited to meet them and catch up.”

“Driving for a few hours tonight for a concert, it should be a spectacular show.”

Wish Them the Same

Don’t overlook the simple step of wishing someone the same. They have gone out of their way to wish you a nice night, and you should do the same.

It shares the message you care about them too. At the very least, it shares the fact that you have good manners and you treat people well.

What to Say:

“I will, and I hope you have a great night too.”

“Thanks, enjoy your evening, do you have anything planned?”

“Have yourself a wonderful night as well.”

“I appreciate that, and I wish the same for you.”

Be careful out there and have a great night.”

“It was nice talking to you, enjoy the rest of your evening.”

Ask Them to Join You

If you don’t have plans for the evening, this can be a wonderful time to extend an invitation to someone to hang out with.

If you do have plans, perhaps you can consider asking them to come along.

What to Say:

“I don’t have anything planned tonight; would you like to join me for dinner? I would love to talk and catch up with you.”

“We are going to the movies tonight, have you seen the new action film playing? You are welcome to join us if you don’t have plans.

“I was just thinking a drink would be great this evening, do you have time to join me?”

“It is such a nice night, care to go get ice cream with me?”

“Do you have time to go for a walk? The park is well-lit at night.”