What To Say When You Meet Someone With The Same Name

Names are an essential part of our identity. Most people wouldn’t be able to give up their identity even if they tried! If a person meets someone else with the same name, most feel a sense of warmth and curiosity inside.

When you share a name with a person, you and them share a large part of each other’s identities: your name and their name. It’s human nature. We automatically want to find similarities beyond names – similar facial features, height, shared interests, or habits that we both have.

Be sure to make the other person aware that they both have the same name. Most of the time, this already results in the further course of the conversation all by itself, as this is a positive surprise for both sides.

Once you notice the same name

If you’re meeting a partner or friend with the same name, you should do a few things to make sure it doesn’t become a confusing situation. If you’re meeting in person for the first time, introduce yourself with your full name and then ask for their full names as well. This way, they won’t wonder who you are talking about when you mention them later.

When texting or emailing each other, it can be tricky to get around this issue. It’s best to use special symbols like an underscore between two names to differentiate what you’re saying about each person.

Most people you meet who have the same name as yours will likely have a similar personality.

They could be calm and analytical, just as you, or intelligent and impatient in the same ways you are. This can help create stronger connections between people and feed deeper into self-confidence by helping others see more commonalities with you on a deeper level.

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself with your complete name and last name. For example:

“Hi, I’m Amber Jones.”

When they say that they are your namesake, say:

“I’m sorry, what’s your name again?”


“What’s your first name?”

If they’re uncomfortable sharing their full names with you, use their middle initial and last name.

When you tell someone that you share the same name, they might take it as a joke, but you will be fine. You can call them out by saying:

“Do you know that I have the same name as you?”

They might throw in an answer, for example, “Yes, we share the same first name.”

Exchange Names

One of the best things to do when you meet someone with the same name is to make sure you exchange names. This will help each of you avoid confusion. It also lets people know they are not the only person with their name, which is often a relief for some people because it can be very isolating.

You want to avoid awkward situations by making sure people don’t mistakenly slip up and say something to the other person when they mean to address you.

Is there anyone else in your company with a similar name? Meeting namesakes helps people feel less lonely and more united because everyone needs a network of people they can seek comfort from.

“Pleasure to meet you.”

When you meet people with the same name as yours, say “Hi!” and give a compliment. At that moment, they cease to be strangers and become your namesake.

“Hi, my name is *insert name* too.”

If you have an alternative name, say:

“But everyone calls me *insert name*.”

After that, say:

“Nice to meet you, namesake.”

They will probably be pleasingly surprised that you share a name. They will think it’s too funny, and they may ask if you wish to change it or provide an alternative name, a nickname, or a middle name. If they like you, they will put up with the confusion that concerns sharing names at work or a social event.

Borrow from these classic first statements

Here are some things you can say when meeting someone with the same name. “Do you have any nicknames?” is good because it gives them a chance to tell you what they go by, but also it opens the door for you to say to them your nickname.

“What is your middle name?” is another good question because it’s really easy to find people with just their first and last names on Facebook or LinkedIn.

You can also ask questions such as:

“You’re not related to ____, are you?”

“We both have the same name! How cool?”

“What year were you born in?”

“Did you go to school with [insert name here]?”

“How do you like this flight?”

Personal Questions

Do you want to know if you have the same first and last name as someone else? Simply ask them for their last name during the meetup. If they respond with your exact names-Amber Jones, it means you share both first and last names.

Another way to ask if they’re named so-and-so is to say, “nice to meet you, so-and-so.” This often prompts people who have the same name to correct you and reveal their full names.

The further conversation

When you meet someone with the same name, it can throw you off your game for a bit. But don’t worry about minding your manners and striking a small conversation with them. It’s only polite.

If this person is someone you want to be friends with, don’t hesitate to ask them out for coffee or weekend games.

If your name is still weird to them, they might politely decline the invitation. But if it’s someone you’re starting to get close with, they might just enjoy the thought of two people who share the same first name and feel lucky to have met you.

Be a good listener

Be a mindful listener in the first interaction with your namesake. They could be a business partner, a potential date, or a colleague-don’t get hung up on the name, listen and steer the conversation back to the subject of your meeting.

People who offer their complete and unwavering attention help brighten others’ days and can even boost their careers.

Since listening takes every fiber of our being – we must listen carefully to those around us. It’s essential when you meet someone with whom you share names. We should resist the temptation to launch into logorrhoea and monologue as much as possible.

Stay confident

Confident body language does more than make you look good- it makes you more memorable when you meet a namesake. To do this, have a firm handshake with your namesake, stand up straight, and maintain eye contact while listening and speaking.

If you aren’t talking with them for a few moments, you should direct your gaze at an object in front of you. Don’t sit with your chin in your hand or look away at the floor out of anxiety. You are engaging with the world, not hiding from it.

You should own the space around you. This means not sitting on the edge of a bench so that they have more room than you or acting embarrassed if your arm touches their arm.

Use icebreaker topics

To avoid feeling overwhelmed when meeting a namesake, come up with a few icebreaker questions and topics in advance. Ask about their involvement in the event, role in the organization, background, or what they enjoy doing on the weekend.

The best way to build a meaningful dialogue with a namesake is to ask genuine questions about them.

You get to find out more about this person in a way that creates a lasting impression.

Appreciate that you have met a namesake

Whether they are young or old, famous or not, it is always good to appreciate that there are people in the world who share this commonality with you.

It’s not too often that you come across people with the same name as you. It could be a coincidence, or it could be fate. It’s not too hard to find someone with your first name, but it’s much more difficult to find someone who shares your first and last name.

Meeting someone with your exact name is a blessing. You may feel pressure to live up to the past successes of those who have come before you or fear that they may not want to be associated with you.

But most people take having a namesake as a good omen and see it as a sign of good things to come.


It can be awkward to meet another person with the same name as you, but there are ways of getting around it. If you’re meeting someone for the first time, the fact that you share a name is an icebreaker on its own. That gives you an excellent chance to get to know them beyond their names. Follow these tips for seamless interactions with your namesakes.